Wyckoff trading method, page-41

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    "Shortening of the thrust" in the green down arrows - means downtrend is finishing.
    Compare -dont' know?
    PSV- Potential Supply Volume? Meaning that supply volume is still there- because there is high volume on the down-bar low
    ND no demand
    Testing - again for supply volume at the lows, to see if any more sellers.
    Last bar is High volume up bar closing on high and closing at S/R line

    Where to from here??? I f supply volume is still there on 21/12 and was tested on low volume 29/12
    and then rose higher on the last bar on high vol.
    ...then that is a successful test that there is no more supply volume - so prices can now rise -first stop hits resistance- now what?

    All sounds great according to VSA analysis- except I was the one selling into .039, .038, .037 on the 29/12 which was not testing for supply- unless of unconsciously - which has more power.
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