So to invert the data Firstly just bring in the data to the...

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    So to invert the data

    Firstly just bring in the data to the spreadsheet, at this point it doesn't even matter if there are more than 101 lines, just so long as there are not less than 101

    Paste the whole lot somewhere below the chart data, perhaps adjacent to the staging area, but it can be anywhere, and even directly into the staging area if all the columns are already correct, and just need inverting.

    Then adjust the data for 101 lines (if there are too many), using the 'cut' function (highlight and right click), and then paste the correct number of lines back on top of itself (tip - as you click on a cell and then highlight, while holding on - if you look just above column A, you will see that excel counts the lines for you).

    Then adjacent to the newly pasted in data, using a new column alongside or nearby, number each line (so just type in number one at the top line and click enter, and then type the number 2 and click enter etc.) And once you have three numbers, stop and then highlight the three numbers and let go, and you will see that they are boxed, and there is a little 'handle' an the bottom of the box (a square dot), grab the 'handle' and drag it down, and the remaining cells will be numbered automatically. Neat huh

    Next highlight all the data, including the newly numbered column.

    Then across the top (under the 'home' tab), click on 'sort and filter' (over on the far right hand side of the ribbon), then on the drop down menu select 'custom sort', then click the little arrow next to 'sort by', and in the drop down menu select the column number that you numbered yourself from 1 to 101.

    Next click on the little arrow next to 'order', and select 'largest to smallest' and then click OK at the bottom.

    And all your data will be inverted

    Then highlight the data (but not the numbers you just entered), and paste into the chart data, or the staging area if you still need to change anything.

    And if anything goes wrong and it all turns to crap (it shouldn't, but if somehow it does, just delete the whole thing, and re-download the chart and start again).

    If you have any other excel questions just ask.

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