Hi Jako, thanks for the links provided, yes I have stop losses...

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    Hi Jako,
    thanks for the links provided,
    yes I have stop losses setup for positions - however I have never set up target price set up, which I don't really know how to add.I mean not as good as setting stop losses. This is maybe because, I hate losses more than I like the profits
    Probably easiest way would be previous highs, however I think letting profits run seems better option for me than having a quick/short profit.

    In example of BLD- if this works (considering all below is strength in bigger picture), maybe it goes much higher then 4.98 ish area. So rather than 7-8% profit, I would prefer waiting bit longer and enduring bit of shakeouts and achieving 20% plus. All these of course isn't strictly have to be followed- depending how the story unfolds. Thats why I usually don't put "Take Profit" orders.

    As for stop loss, I put $4.55 for BLD- just below the pink line - which we saw higher than usual volume and the most recent pullback- does this seem reasonably correct price point?


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