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    Dear Friend,

    This is a critical moment for Australia. As John Howard takes control of the Senate, its time to get up and tell his Government that we will hold them accountable.


    Over the last nine years, John Howard’s government has taken our country in a direction that many of us find very distressing.

    Next week John Howard’s government will take control of the Senate. For the first time in a generation, a government will have absolute power.

    We already know that the government is planning radical changes that will fundamentally change our country. We need to show John Howard’s government that it can’t just do whatever it wants.

    Together with our friends, we have created a website to help mobilise Australians who care about where this country is going. It's called GetUp.org.au.

    At this critical moment, John Howard and the Coalition Senators need to know that – even though the other parties can't hold them to account – we will.

    Send the Coalition Senators in your state or territory this video message from ordinary Australians telling them that, from August 9, Australians are starting a movement to hold the Coalition government to account:


    Once you’ve sent your message please take a minute to let all your friends know about GetUp. Together, we can build a community of people who are going to help build a more progressive Australia.

    Thanks for being part of this.

    Jeremy & David & the GetUp team.
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