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    Yres - don't bother claiming you 'read' the free book as nobody will believe you now.





    *This material is provided by professionals, not outsiders engaging in speculation*

    FREE copy is being made available as a test of one of the E-books written by a former key government agent, Rodney Stich, with input by other agents of the FAA, DEA, CIA, FBI, and other key people. This first e-book being made available at no charge is Blowback, 9/11, and Cover-Ups.

    These highly detailed and documented books, written by and with the input from many insiders, including agents of the CIA, FBI, DEA, FAA, Customs, former drug smugglers, and former Mafia figures, reveal matters known to very few people, and adversely affecting the lives of millions.

    Large sections are devoted to the unprecedented lying, cover-ups, disinformation, by media personnel--many of whom on government payroll--and the tragic consequences of this conduct.

    In an attempt to circumvent the blocks in government--and the cover-ups by media personnel, many of whom have been for decades on the payroll of the CIA and other government offices, informational books have been written by former federal agent Rodney Stich that details and documents the great numbers of covert and corrupt activities that he and a group of other government insiders discovered as part of their official duties.

    The factual and documented information in these books exposes the vast areas of intrigue and corruption by people who have literally taken over powerful government offices and positions, and the great harm suffered by millions of people due to this corruption. This material is provided by professionals, not outsiders engaging in speculation.

    What is stated here and in the related books are facts, by former government agents, by professionals; not speculation by outsiders. What is revealed is the brutal blowback effects of covert and corrupt activities by CIA personnel, White House politicians, and others.

    These books, which are a literal college course on government intrigue, and an encyclopedia on the effects of such corruption, have been written by former federal agent Rodney Stich, with years of input from dozens of other insiders.

    These insiders include, for instance, former agents of the FBI, CIA, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, former drug smugglers--carrying out assignments for people in the CIA and other government offices, and former mafia figures.

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