WW3 Iran & the Kurds???

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    Geez, where are all the foreign policy “experts” who declared ww3 (again & again) and the impending Kurdish genocide?

    As per usual, you look like fools.

    It’s no coincidence that most of the fools who were wrong above, also said Trump had 0% chance of winnning in 2016, that world stock markets would collapse within 6 months of Trump, declared Comey would take down Trump, declared Mueller Will end Trump’s presidency, declared that putting the embassy in Jerusalem would cause an outbreak of war, declared that Trump won’t be able to negotiate NAFTA, called Trump a mental case for saying his campaign was being spied on, called the FISA abuse a “conspiracy theory”, called Devin Nunes’ memory a conspiracy theory, said Trump would get destroyed in a trade war with China and we even find out yesterday that Trump was 100% corrupt on corruption of aud in Puerto Rico.

    Take note folk, the same people banging on about Schiff having the goods and that the impeachment is NOT a sham are the same people who posted for 3 years and got everything horribly wrong as noted above.

    These people are so clueless and without an ounce of self-awareness that you get someone like @Chuck who said Trump was 0% chance of wining and that the stock market will collapse with months of Trump’s presidency and then has the audacity to post on the day of ANOTHER record high in the stock market and preach that its the electorates fault if they re-elect Trump.

    These people have ZERO shame and ZERO credibility. Take what they say with a healthy dose of scepticism as these people have clung to the motto that “every dog has his day” for the past 1095 days.
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