XJO 2.35% 6,673.3 s&p/asx 200

wtf its thursday

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    how time flews when you're sleeping

    As usual, not convinced of the overnight rally. Here's why: usa markets are led by tech atm, but brokers are underperforming. Some smart usa cookies follow the brokers index as an arb, believing that it works even on a 10 minute chart a lot of the time. Also usd rallied a bit but it still looks terminal. 10 yr bond yields look to be just consolidating before another move higher. On the technical side, spx retraced 50% of the previous fall (on ig), which is the minimum required by the bulls to demonstrate some committment in dow theory. And at least on ig, spx has made a lower low and a lower high in the bigger cycles within this 6 week consolidation. So - Have a nice day! Would you like fries with that? We have a special on extra fat and cardboard and caffeine?
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