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Love your work as always Ya. Solid research and opinion. Good to...

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    Love your work as always Ya. Solid research and opinion. Good to see you guys on the ball also Mrmoshe et al. Sometimes I feel this site is as important as oxygen.

    All the stars seem to be aligning at once for MEO this weekend. Woodside's moving towards FEED at a great rate of knots for Pluto2 is the best news possible for MEO as I just can not see how Woodside can afford not to fight as hard as they can with the other majors to gain a 50 percent exposure to what could turn out to be an epic 10 TCF of gas.

    They need gas desperately for Pluto 2 to be viable, and they need Pluto2 badly because they have most of the infrastructure for a second train ect., which would mean lowering the costs for the whole project exponentially the more trains they can get there. The kicker of course is that they could be drilling Artemis in just a few short months!

    Also the fact MEO is winner of the week on marketwrap on Inside Business( ) has me enamoured in the fact my favourite business journalist Alan Kohler must certainly now know about it, and with his intimate knowledge of Karoon after last week's interview with Bob, I hope you are all seeing the common thread here.

    What I'm getting at, and it was this very subject that spurred me into my first comments in several weeks on that everyone can see that from between hot copper members and the media alike, the comparisons between MEO and Karoon are now immense to say the least. It's no coincidence about the importance of Bob's (from Karoon) appearance on Inside business and MEO's stellar performance since. People are starting to put two and two together, and that's right where you want to be as an MEO holder right now.

    Institutions even must be looking by now at picking up small percentages in this early not-without-risk-stage, as the potential for MEO to pull a Karoon-like-performance is growing with each week and interest increases both inside and outside of the data room.

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