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wow - what a ride!

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    This stock traded from a high of $2.35 to low of $2.10 finishing 8 cents down at $2.25. Looks like insto (probably Comm Bank) still lightening their load. They just don't give a sh## - they just dump and then a few nervous nellies seel their load. No ASX reports made. News re British recycable won't be announced until end of month. Would be stunned if GRD didn't get awarded the project which will make the stock see in excess of $3.00. Also looking for an announcement re Brazil for Minproc arm of GRD - if we get that and we be looking pretty good for it then we should see $3.50.

    Picked up another 25k shares at 2.18 which is a bargain.

    Should see some momentum building in week commencing 22/8. Better get set if you haven't already. Good buying at current levels.
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