wow...look whos angry!

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    I have only just had a look at this forum in the last couple of days and it is bizarre to say the least.

    If so many of you hate property and the hype around it, why do you waste so much time on a forum called 'property'?

    I don't know about you, but I wouldn't waste my time on a Gillard Fan Club forum, as I can't stand her about as much as you lot can't stand why are you guys here?
    Haven't you gat more meaning in your life? Shouldn't you be out lobbying your local member to stop the evil developers in your area???

    I think the underlying problem here is soooooo many of you resent people that actually have the balls to take a risk, especially when that risk pays off....I think they call that tall poppy syndrome.

    Or maybe you are just so scared of losing money that you can't stand to see others make it.

    You can't be scared of losing money and actually make money at the same time.

    I have never met a wealthy person that has never lost money, but I have met a lot of poor people that have NEVER lost a cent...

    In the last couple of days I have been slammed on here for being to young to have started investing (must be lying), being a greedy developer and all these sort of aggressive lines...I have even been told to be humble....oh, ok Mum.... and until now I have...

    But I have now come to realise what the mob despises most.....SUCCESSFUL RICH PROPERTY PEOPLE LIKE ME!!! now I am really going to give you something to tee off at.

    So here I am, have a crack, give me plenty of thumbs down....but the truth is, tonight I will go to bed under the roof of a house that I own with my wife and three beautiful kids, with the knowledge that property has paid for my lifestyle that I have... We are by no means James Packer, but we do very well.... We drive fancy newish prestige cars, that we own, we have fancy holidays every year, we have investment properties that even if they lose money I won't lose sleep - cos Im not afraid of that like you lot...we eat out at fancy places fairly often...and I love golf even though I am terrible at it (130 around 18).

    So whilst you lot sit back and enjoy the fact that property is about to take a hit, which it surely will, whilst working in your 9-5 jobs that you need to support your lifestyle, think about what you could really do if you took that energy and actually used it to create good things for YOU!?!?

    A good investor sees this slide as a good thing is going to open up many more opportunities if your eyes are open to see them.

    So as you all line up to take your whack, just know that as I sip on my Johhny Walker Blue label (don't want to drink the good stuff during the week) know that I am absolutely loving every TD I get, knowing that the taxes that I have more than happily paid along the way are probably helping to pay your power bill to assist you with your post....

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