BBI 0.00% $3.98 babcock & brown infrastructure group

worth a punt at 3c

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    A relative of mine who is extremely conservative said to me last night that he is buying 100,000 BBI on Monday. I was a bit gobsmacked as he has stated all along, BNB and all their offshoots (including BBI) are going to die.
    I asked him why he is now buying. His reply was for $3000, it's worth a punt just in case his opinion is wrong and they do survive. He acknowledged he hasn't really got a clue about BBI but he "reads the papers". That has helped him form the opinion BBI is a goner. The press is very powerful.

    However, he said he could lose $3000, or make $50,000+ in a couple of years. The odds are in favour of a small punt for him now.
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