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    cheers guys glad someone else is making a dollar out of this one...remember to trade prudently...take some back out of the market but have enuf of an investment left to enjoy the ride...

    it appears some of the volume action is coming from overseas due to the fact that the trades are happening after hours. i believe this is a positive sign that some more serious investors are getting involved...why else would OS players invest what appears to be a substantial sum in a 'tin pot' ozzie miner if it didnt have some substance...same reason i suspect the 2 african minerals guys have jumped...their is substance to this story.

    there's plenty of material on the northern limb of the bushveld complex (sth africa) available on the net if you search...do some research. 70% of the world's platinum comes from this small area

    whilst grades might be lower than those found in the east and western limbs, the northern limb can be mined entirely open cut, offering substantial savings in capital development and ongoing reserve recovery...the stripping ratio also is estimated at a very attractive 3:1

    those of you who want to know more about valuation get a copy of 'the mining valuation handbook' by victor rudenno...a prospectors bible!

    close 34/35 today
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