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worst kept secret

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    well at least i'm hoping this is what's happening.

    I found this on the NKP thread, good to see the Dragon has hit someone's radar.

    "From News Ltd. Adelaide Advertiser, p49 Monday Dec 28, 2009

    GPE list
    - Nkwe Platinum
    - Lynas Corp
    - Berkely Resources
    - Dragon Mining
    - Kentor Gold
    In their 5 share tips for a growth portfolio for 2010. Not sure I feel good about NKP being listed in Brokers tips but the publicity should be good. GPE tips came out on top of the listed brokers tips for 2009."

    Credit to MNA, the original poster, post 4891354

    Today's announcement indicates though its hit a few people's radars. Let's hope whoever is/was capping will now take the foot off the brake

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