worst case scenario for anz

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    In the short term, all the 1200 Opes investors, family members, friends and others will stop doing business with ANZ. As ANZ irrational decision to sell all the shares they think they own.
    Therefore, ANZ will have reduce earning.

    In the long term, if this David vs Goliath legal battle resulting in ANZ is found not entitle to the share title, as many argue ANZ is only a custodian not the beneficiary to the share ownership.
    ANZ will be liable to purchase back all the shares including the small caps shares that they off load, which ANZ has to pay a lot of premium to acquire them back.
    Also, ANZ is also exposed to the bull market. The $800M mid to small cap shares that they sold today could be worth double or triple or more in two years time when the legal battle is done.

    Not to mention if ANZ lose, ANZ might have to pay the other parties legal fees.

    I wouldn't be an ANZ shareholder from now on.

    Other members are wellcome to share my thought on these.
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