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Yep, just as I thought. This is a structural issue of irrigation...

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    Yep, just as I thought. This is a structural issue of irrigation in northern Victoria. They were paying $300 per meg last year and through millenium drought. Nothing to do with MG. Farms like this 140 acre operation are just not viable. Farms like this have been practically trading insolvent for years and that is the issue. It is nothing to do with the current season or milk price
    Usc75, MG has helped to give me a start in the dairy industry no other company could have ever done. I have been helped with the Next Gen program. I am paid every month no matter what. I have a company that pays what it can. Not what it has to.
    Milk prices in Victoria have been held up in the past 3 year down turn by one company. MG. Can't condone mistakes of past year but also cannot bear the negativity toward a wonderful company.

    MG will be around when you are long gone. Despite the hopes of many entities in the industry.
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