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If milk had stayed it could have been turned around quite easily...

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    If milk had stayed it could have been turned around quite easily and up till 5 weeks ago was still very possible, but, the Mallinson factor over past year has been utter disaster. Losing all of that milk into a rising market makes my blood boil. If farmers had have been told in June that if we could hold 2.7 bill litres or grow it we would be on far higher price it would have made it emotionally harder for many to leave. The negative defeative nature of everything over past year has been the trouble.

    I would love to see trust bought out straight away but with what? Word at supplier meetings was retreaving value for all stake holders is important. So clear sale price for all. But, remember only current suppliers vote. They have the milk. So if a buyer was to put milk price up to 6.20 this year then price of shares is less critical in getting their vote.

    Trouble will be getting farmers to agree on one offer. Also, their is still not a clear understanding amongst the big old conservative families spread across the state who own the majority of mg that the company is in serious peril. That will need to be articulated better to get vote across
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