Worry about the top stocks

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    This may upset the bank supporters, but in the top stocks there are few that actually do or produce anything.They are mainly parasitic stocks that live of the backs of other businesses....that is financials.If banks etc are going to continue on this magic path, then their customers will have to come up with some better results and have better capitalisation. I know our banks make a lot of money overseas but it is not much better there,in fact worse. I favour the do..er stocks that have to be kept going on long term projects through the ups and downs.We will here of big projects, rail lines,ports,infrastructure etc that will keep workers employed.Look for the companies that get the contracts.Leighton,Clough,Mermaid Marine,Woodside etc.They should also be able to get good deals from the banks as customer base gets more ragged.Banks may be good for option/warrant traders due to liquidity but are not likely to produce much.So those wishing to buy shares for the long term,look for companies that are there for the long haul.
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