world politics a mess - close to buy time

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    G'day folks,

    World politics are undoubtably in a mess, with the French and Russians to veto a UN resolution for action against Iraq the United Nations is on the verge of collapse. So too is the British Labour (they can spell properly) Government with a back bench revolt that will prevent Blair following the US in without UN sanction. Unless of course the Tories prop up the Labour (love that spelling) Government by voting with Blair but then Blair may not survive in his own party. Here in Oz what then for the Liberal Government? It will be unable to follow the US in Iraq without the UN and the Brits. A right royal mess!

    Perhaps the US will say to Britain and Australia "stand back we will do this by ourselves" which would maintain the tri relationship. The frogs and ruskies are really going to pay dearly for their action.

    Against this background of despair and hopelessness maybe we are getting close to the market bottom cos it really must start getting better on the international front. Buy in gloom they say.

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