World Cup Cricket - Australia v England

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    Is anyone going to Saturday's opening match between Australia and England?

    There's not long to go now. I see that the TAB have Australia as favourites for the tournament at $2.75 with South Africa at $4, New Zealand at $6 and Sri Lanka at $11. I don't give any other countries a chance, but with New Zealand playing all their games at home only needing to play the final at the MCG they have to be good value at $6. Sri Lanka are great value at $11 being such a formidable one-day outfit and the most dangerous and consistently competitive Asian side outside of their home conditions. Given South Africa's history it is surprising to see them as second favourites in the tournament, but in any case they are definitely one of the leading contenders.

    Still on the TAB's odds for Saturday's game, they have Australia at $1.50 and England at a ridiculous $3.50. The odds being offered for the Sunday game between South Africa ($1.02) and Zimbabwe ($13) should have been mirrored for the Australia v England game given how far England are out of their depth against the leading countries in the world in ODI cricket.  

    Just to finish on, I read an article on the Cricinfo website which included the following passage in reference to sections of the Australian media and general public who have rightly recognised England as being the rubbish outfit that they are: "so little is expected of them - adverts around the city show two cricket balls with the slogan 'Missing: a pair of balls. If seen please return to the England team.'"

    Unfortunately for England it is not just balls they are lacking, it is class with the bat, the ball and in the field. They are sorely lacking in all three areas. Still it is a problem of their own making. They were too slow to make the necessary changes and the changes they have made have for the most part been the wrong ones anyway!
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