Working Less Hours Per Week is More Productive

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    From the AFR:

    Every year between May and September, all 54 employees of Basecamp, a Chicago-based web applications company, work a short week: just four days — a total of 32 hours. They work a conventional five-day week the rest of the year.
    "That's plenty of time to get great work done. This is all we expect and all we want from people," says Jason Fried, co-founder. "Working 50, 60, 70-plus [hours] is unnecessary. In fact, if you have to work 50, 60, 70-plus hours a week, there's a management problem."
    The company's summer workload must fit reduced hours, Mr Fried insists, otherwise the benefits of a shorter week — to recover from work, enjoy time with family and pursue outside interests — would be undone.
    His philosophy chimes with new research that finds it is not just long hours that are harmful to employees' physical and mental health. It is also the intensity of work — tight deadlines and a relentless pace. Moreover, it suggests that intense work harms career prospects. That is because excessive hours and intensity are counterproductive, reducing the quality of the work.

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