woow - racist - h/c please sanction him.

  1. Yak
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    For anyone who doubts what woow's real philosophy is....
    ...I challenge you to do 2 things

    1. Go to this site that he keeps asking posters to go to to "see the light"

    And 2. challenge him to stop.


    Here's and excerpt and there are many many like this railling against Jews Blacks and all other minorities.

    "At the death camp, the nazi guard grunted as he threw each jew's corpse into the fiery crematorium. But one victim, fresh from its deadly cyanic gassing, briefly regained consciousness and knocked on the door asking to be let out. "Sorry, swine, your body belongs to the Reich... -we'll boil it down to make soap to clean the streets of Berlin.", the guard replied.

    As the flames grew hotter, the jew's eyeballs boiled and then exploded inside his skull. His only solace was the knowledge that he would soon be home again in Hell with Satan, his master.

    "Not so fast!", screamed the guard; "Get right over here and ingest more of these ´defumigant´ Zyklon-B crystals!" The Nazis used Zyklon-B for the same purpose that the CIA uses AIDS today; -to exterminate populations of undesirables.

    The Jews tried to destroy the benevolent state of Germany during the 1930s which caused Hitler and the Nazis to imprison some Jews and to deprive others of social status. Some of these problems are documented by Hitler in his little book, Mein Kampf. Yet, Germany was hardly a totalitarian state. 'Antisemite' used to mean someone who hates Jews. Now it means someone whom the Jews hate.
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