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    > North West Shelf signs LNG sales, firm purchase agreement announced
    > SYDNEY, May 29:
    > The North West Shelf liquefied natural gas sellers have announced the
    > signing of
    > a five year deal for the sale of up to 3.7 million tonnes of LNG to the
    > Royal Dutch/Shell
    > Group's Shell Eastern LNG.
    > Woodside Petroleum, one of the key participants in the North West Shelf
    > joint
    > venture, said the agreement covers sales between 2004 and 2009.
    > The NSW LNG sellers and Shell have previously signed on May 15, 2001, a
    > key terms agreement.
    > Woodside said the actual volume is dependent on the volume of LNG that the
    > North West Shelf LNG Sellers will commit to long term customers in the
    > core
    > markets of Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan.
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