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    September 4, 2000 5:58 am Eastern
    Short-Term Trading Insights
    MonyWolffers: Please remember that these are short term insights concerning the manner in which selected shares might move--up or down--over the next few days. If you are looking for ideas about stocks to buy and hold for a few weeks or longer, the following information may be interesting, and informative, but you should not use it for long term investment decisions.

    QuickWhacks: Once or twice each week I'll offer my very brief perspective on some of the stocks about which I've received emails or which are receiving unusual visibility in the investment media or web boards. These perspectives cover the next 1-2 weeks, nothing longer. New ones to be added soon.
    AMP Limited (AMP) Sept. 4, 4am I like the chart pattern on this bank a lot. It should advance nicely the week of Sept. 4.
    Barton Capital (BCH) Sept. 4, 4am About as wild as a 'roo on steroids! But I think a bottom may be in at .35. Once above .38 a new short term advance should begin.
    Goldfields Ltd. (GLD) Sept. 4, 4am It is unclear yet whether the golds will begin to move. If they do though, I really like the potential breakout pattern on this stock. Above 1.50 we could see a nice short term advance. Below 1.45, though, I have problems with it.
    Keycorp (KYC) Sept. 4, 4am As I have said over the last several days, KYC's pattern below 12.28 would put the stock into a sharp decline. It reached 11.41 on Sept. 1 and is probably going to dip quickly to 10.50 before a decent rebound occurs.
    Nexus Minerals (NEX) Sept. 4 4am Nexus is MAY be near a bottom. I would let it get above .17 before buying. If it cannot get above this, it is likely to find a firm bottom at .12
    Powerlan (PWR) Sept 4, 4am I like the short term pattern on this stock. Once above 1.72, it should begin a move to

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    Important Clarification & Disclosure: The following short term insights are not recommendations. They are not analyses. These insights do not include any assessment of the quality of the companies whose shares are discussed below. We present our technical forecast of these stocks only because these are stocks about which our audience inquires, or which receive considerable visibility in chat rooms and in trading circles. MonyWolff is not offering advice about whether you should, or should not, buy these or any other security. MonyWolff is only presenting insights about whether these shares are likely to advance or decline, under current market conditions, over the next several days or week. We are hopeful that these insights are helpful to those investors who own, or are considering owning, the stocks we've assessed. As such, MonyWolff's insights do not represent an offer to buy or sell any of these securities, nor do we encourage such activity.
    Catuity (CAT): Short-term Assessment: Conditionally Attractive The stock is on the brink of a considerable breakout, once above 16.40. Into late September, CAT could reach to the 20.50-22.00 level. I said in late August that a dip back down to the 15.50-15.80 level was likely, and that this would be an attractive entry point for those who want to own the shares. More conservative traders may want to wait until a breakout occurs, above 16.40. And please remember the following: I would be extremely reluctant to hold the stock much below 15.05.
    Circadian Technology (CIR): Short-term Assessment: Conditionally Attractive with Extreme Caution A potentially sharp move is likely; its direction is still unclear though. My suggestion: avoid the stock until it is above 4.90, where it becomes attractive; more adventuresome traders may want to use 4.63. If it drops below 4.55, a fast decline to 3.75, or lower, is likely.
    Commonwealth Bank (CBA): Short-term Assessment: Conditionally Attractive Last week, CBA broke out of a messy 18 months consolidation. I said that I thought that an ideal buy point would be a pullback to 28.30-28.80, and the stock came down to 28.60 on Aug. 30-31. This was a good entry point. The stock should progressively move back to 29.80 over the next 1-2 weeks--it may accomplish this the week of Sept. 4. Support is at 27.75 and, below that, 27.00.
    Davnet Limited (DVT): Short-term Assessment: Prepare For Rebound DVT offered us its short snap-back, and then turned lower. I think that the stock will rebound again off the 1.31+- support region. An advance above 1.46 will be important for the intermediate term direction of the market. Only traders with a high tolerance for risk and uncertainty may want to pursue DVT until it is once again above 1.63.
    ERG Ltd. (ERG): Short-term Assessment: Conditionally Attractive With Caution Presently, the shares are trying to establish a short term reverse head and shoulders bottom, and this is a potentially positive reversal pattern. Once ERG is above 10.70, an advance to 11.80 is forecast. As I said a few days ago, the stock should dip to the 10.20-10.30 region-- and that this is the entry point for traders. The stock came into that region on August 30-August 31. Two important cautions: Traders do not want to hold much below 10.00. Also, if it reaches 10.70+- and begins to turn down, I would close out the position. If you want my explanation, feel free to email me.
    Optiscan Imaging (OIL): Short-term Assessment: Prepare To Re-Enter On Pullback Traders should have taken profits recently between 2.40-2.60 on OIL The pattern on the stock remains attractive, and a new entry will be on a pullback to 2.10-2.20. This should occur in a few days.

    Sausage Software (SAS): Short-term Assessment: Conditionally Attractive Caution YIKES!!! SAS came roaring back above the 2.17 support level that I recently said needed to be held by the stock--and then came right back down again. If you want to own it, that's fine, but I would wait until it gets back above 2.05, and make sure you have a good orthopedic surgeon--this is one wild bronco. I become squeamish below 1.85.
    Senetas Corp (SEN): Short-term Assessment: Caution My view was and is that traders need to be short term cautious below .65. Traders should wait until the stock is back above that level.
    Secure Network (SNX): Short-term Assessment: Conditionally Attractive The stock is now in a position to move back to 14.00-15.00+. If you are holding SNX, you do not want to hold below the 9.50-9.75 support region, but this should be excellent support. If you are looking to buy the stock, an attractive entry point will be the 9.75+- region--but be serious about 9.50. If the stock begins breaking below this level, a decline to 8.00 is likely.
    Ten Network Holdings (TEN): Short-term Assessment: Extremely Attractive I like this stock's pattern very much. I recently suggested an entry point on a pullback to about 2.55-2.60, and it has been in this region a couple of days this week. Support should be at about 2.63-265. It looks like TEN will reach 2.80 or 3.00 in the next 1-2 weeks before hitting more difficult resistance.
    Voicenet (VNA): Conditionally Attractive VNA has bottomed in the 1.90 region and has formed a good base from which to begin advancing. The stock is attractive near current levels--1.93+---but you need to be cautious here. As I said any price below 1.94 demands caution....and I would be very reluctant to hold VNA under 1.88.
    Woodside Petroleum (WPL): Short-term Assessment: Extremely Attractive About 2 weeks ago WPL broke out of a 30+ month consolidation. The stock moved into the 13.40-13.70 buy zone I had previous defined on August 30 and is now advancing again. Watch for a short term upward burst once it is above 14.45. Support is at 13.95.

    Woodside Petroleum (WPL): Short-term Assessment: Extremely Attractive About 2 weeks ago WPL broke out of a 30+ month consolidation. The stock moved into the 13.40-13.70 buy zone I had previous defined on August 30 and is now advancing again. Watch for a short term upward burst once it is above 14.45. Support is at 13.95.
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