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    Uruguayan prostitutes accept meal tickets in lieu of cash for services
    Wed Mar 26, 4:54 PM ET

    MONTEVIDEO (AFP) - Prostitutes in Salto, Uruguay's second city 300 miles (500 km) northeast of the capital, are accepting meal tickets in lieu of cash for their services, it was reported.

    The Salto daily Cambio said many laborers in Salto were using the meal chits they receive as part of their salaries, among other purposes, to pay for prostitutes' services.

    Uruguay has been hard hit by recession, with a 19.8 percent unemployment rate and a 20 percent drop in spending power, sending many prostitutes abroad to ply their trade in the greener pastures of the United States, Spain and Italy, said the paper.

    It quoted Susana Ribeiro, former president of the Professional Prostitutes Association of Uruguay (PPAU), as saying the group was counseling many of its members on immigration procedures.

    Prostitution is legal in Uruguay and some 4,000 women are registered, including 3,000 in the capital Montevideo, though they face stiff competition from amateurs.
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