Hey Pinto. In (reluctantly) doing practical industry advocacy...

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    Hey Pinto. In (reluctantly) doing practical industry advocacy stuff, I had to learn about reading other people. And unlearn about reading people.

    I learnt that what I think is happening often isn't happening. The person you are negotiating with may not be the decision maker, the next big thing people are saying is occurring is not etc.

    In your younger days as a guy you may have been a player, pinto. You may have prided yourself on that, rather than the fulfilling, wonderful long-term relationship you could develop with one woman. You may have been right on the money with reading the room, and what the women in your social circles wanted.

    But the world turns. What you think is happening is not happening. If you think a vibrant 16-year-old social activist is gagging for it because of her slightly accentuated eye makeup you are an idiot.

    Time to hang up the boots, pinto. No practicing in the mirror until you get it right. You're too old. Too out of date. Too deluded. Just stop whatever you're doing, before you get arrested.
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