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michaelmfranzI can see that you are frustrated with LKO. Top...

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    I can see that you are frustrated with LKO. Top marks for reading all of the reports dating back to 2001. Yes, there has been a lot of the same speak in the reports. But also there has been a lot of change in LKO and in the technology of the way LKO can extract gas from the holes they drill. Granted that LKO hasn't been the performer over the last 20 years that RA has chaired the company. Granted that LKO hasn't found any real Oil/Gas where it drills its wells and granted that the LKO sp has always sat low.

    But one day a well might produce. One day the sp might...I say might move to 0.08 cents. This is part of share trading companies like this. I too get peeved because ann doesn't tell me what I want to see. But, it’s rare that I continually bag a stock because I don't like what comes in the ann. I see that you are a stock holder and just say to you that if you believe what you are writing....sell your stock. Move away. Most holders of this stock know full well that LKO is a huge risk but are still happy to trade it.

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