wmd. what wmd??? hahahaha!

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    Hey miles...

    This would be the chemical weapons that dont really exist.

    Tell ya what...if theyre not careful...

    Iraq may end up witrh one big carpark when Fallujah is.

    BTW read the last line about the # of Iraqi deaths.....

    Rebels vow to use chemical weapons
    By Hala Jaber in Baghdad
    November 1, 2004

    AS the US reeled from the death of nine marines in Iraq at the weekend, insurgents in Fallujah claimed to have obtained chemical weapons and threatened to use them in any battle for control of the rebel stronghold.

    At the ready ... a US marine torches waste at a temporary base near Fallujah, where soldiers are preparing for an anticipated major strike on the rebel stronghold / AP

    Rebel commanders said chemicals such as cyanide had been added to mortar rounds and missiles that would be deployed against coalition troops reported to be preparing for a major assault on the town west of Baghdad.

    A military committee made up of former officers in Saddam Hussein's army, including experts on chemicals and guerrilla warfare, is said to have been organising forces in Fallujah and planning tactics.

    The committee is understood to include members of all the main insurgent groups, including that of Iraq's most wanted man, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the terrorist leader behind the beheading of several foreign hostages and a string of car-bomb attacks.

    The US suffered its worst day in Iraq since May when the marines were killed as violence flared across Iraq's rebel heartland.

    About 30 Iraqis were killed as the US troops hit back.

    A marine spokesman said eight of the soldiers died in a suicide car-bomb attack near Fallujah and the other was killed in Ramadi.

    Nine marines were also wounded, he said, but the US military refused to provide further details.

    The deaths take the US casualty toll since the war started in March last year to at least 1120. Aid groups say up to 10,000 Iraqis have been killed.
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