with parents like this...no wonder..

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    ......ya get suicide bombers

    And note the "poor inncocent family members" who died at the hands of the IDF were in fact members of the radical Palestinian Islamic Jihad group - militants thru and thru - makes them dead-set legitimate targets.

    No innocents killed there!

    ...so in return these [email protected] blow up a restaurant full of civilians.

    Fancy being proud of your daughter blowing up a restaurant and killing kids.

    Family 'proud' of suicide bomber
    October 6, 2003

    The parents of a Palestinian suicide bomber who killed 19 people at a restaurant in northern Israel have spoken of their pride in their daughter, and said she had avenged the death of her brother at the hands of the Israeli army.

    Hanadi Tayssir Jaradat, 29, who worked as a lawyer in the centre of the West Bank town of Jenin, was a devout Muslim who would assiduously pray and read the Koran, her parents said.

    The unmarried woman had witnessed the death of her brother, Fadi Jaradat, and cousin, Saleh Jaradat, during an Israeli army operation in Jenin on June 12. Both were members of the radical Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.

    "She saw the killing in the house of her brother and cousin three months ago," her mother, Umm Fadi, said. "She was deeply upset, as she was very close to her brother.

    "I am happy with her because she has killed those who have killed my son. They kill us every day, and demolish our homes every day."

    Speaking in a neighbour's house, after the family home was destroyed by the Israeli army early today, Umm Fadi said that she had had no idea what her daughter was about to do.



    She said her daughter had left home as usual at 7.30 am on Saturday (1530 AEST), as she headed off for the market.

    But instead of travelling to her office in Jenin, Jaradat headed for the northern city of Haifa with an explosive device that she detonated in the Maxim restaurant, a business co-owned by Jewish and Arab families, about seven hours later.

    "She was very normal," said Umm Fadi. "But when I heard that there was an explosion in Haifa, I tried to call her. As a mother, I felt something might have happened.

    "Then the television said it was Hanadi. I was very shocked."

    Her father also spoke of his pride, as the Al-Jazeera Arab satellite channel played a video of his daughter shortly before she embarked on her suicide mission.

    "I am very proud of what she has done," Tayssir Jaradat said.

    "She is a very strong person. She would pray and read the Koran every day."

    In a statement claiming responsibility for the attack, Islamic Jihad said that it had been a response "to the Israeli crimes which continue against our people and our fighters".

    Israeli government spokesman Jonathan Peled said that there had now been 121 suicide bombings against Israeli targets since the start of the Palestinian intifada, or uprising, just over three years ago.

    "There is no way of profiling a suicide bomber," he said. "Whoever resorts to a suicide bombing has no respect for human life."

    - AFP
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