witches predictions for the future

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    This is how I see things panning out.
    Banks falling because of increased borrowing costs, diminishing income streams due to the falling share market, defaults on loans, and shareholder dissatisfaction.
    Metals will fall due to lowering demand, cyclical rotation, and higher manufacturing costs.
    Superannuation returns will fall due to customers rotating from growth to cash, falling returns due to the falling share market, and an ever increasing payout.
    SHARES (All Ordinaries)
    Shares will continue their downward trend until 2012. Then you should sell the wife, hock your watch, and buy like there’s no tomorrow.
    Houses will fall 15% from there all time highs over the next 4 years. There will be no such thing as a bargain. This will be due to defaults on loans, and price coming back to meet ability to pay.
    The DOW will be 10,000 or lower by 2012.
    The all ordinaries will be around 4,000 by 2012.
    The Bull market is finished. We are going to suffer as every generation has before us, hard economic times. My kids after paying off their Hex fees from Uni, and paying the rent on their tent in a caravan park, will curse us baby boomers until the day they die. The animals will curse us baby boomers until the day they die for depleting there food and water supply. The planet will curse us baby boomers for breeding out of control and becoming pests, in plague proportion and destroying it.
    But there is one glimmer of hope.
    We will all receive a reality check in abundance.

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