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wishful thinking ... but many forget

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    wishful thinking? but many forget ...

    southern sphere estimated 0.54kg/t from their data ... remember this is from actual diamond and rc drilling ... mabex/martens and aex downgraded(?) it to 0.35kg/t ... it may well end up 0.54kg/t ... or there may be nothing ... but do you really think so? the U price at the time (1978) was around US$40/lb and if you look a the curve it went down from this time to bottom out after the nuclear accidents (On March 28, 1979, the Unit 2 nuclear power plant on Three Mile Island suffered a partial core meltdown). maybe this influenced them to not mine! stating that southern sphere was ready to go ahead with a mine but pulled the plug due to the prevailing or falling price at the time is a big statement. history may provide the answer here, or provide a cover for trash.

    aex is in a very powerful position re its options ... 20 million to come in june 2008 ... this would go a long way to mining the stuff ... low grade and all. are you all familiar with equivalent gold mines and their grades? with surrounding mines in SA and their grades? i am not ... but have investigated a little and DD is not, imo, that bad. i will assume with a speculative level of certainty that the share price should be well above the exercise price come june 2008 ... because as all of you state that as aex are crooks they should manipulate it to make them more money! by this time anyway the resource should be fully measured ... and those that buy $0.011 options at today's prices may well bring home the bacon ... think about it - if aex ever does bring out a 3D model JORC compliant measured statement what do you think will happen to the sp? though we know this aint happening anytime this year. many say that aex is finished - people been burnt too many times - well those that sold got burnt ... if you bought on the peak and sold on the troughs of the DJI rise over the last 20 years you might have been fried too.

    the last announcement reported grades spread across one square kilometre ... this is a 'reef' type shallow deposit ... so deep mineralisation is not expected. clearly the picture in the report displays fools gold ... but where fools gold is real gold also often exists. the holes were along the payshoot lines ... but some of them had good grades that were outside the known MCR data ... and they were a fair way away. the inferred resources may be extended in time but they are currently based on the southern sphere and savanah diamond drills. add the extra farms on application and a bonus may be obtained ... but i am not banking on anything special. how much data does CCIC have? anglo american drilled, southern sphere drilled, savannah drilled and now aex are drilling. who are savanna i hear you often say? well mines such as DD change hands often via various companies - you just need to look at langer heinrich and its travels and eventual purchase price of $15k by PDN. accredited geologists have signed off on DD inferred mineral statements. remeber that you all invested in aex after reading their announcement that said they have 11,000t and 2.5Moz at a width of 1 metre (Martens,2005) - get that - a width of 1 metre - so 20cm results arnt too ridiculous. please correct me.

    if the price of gold and uranium does as the 'speculators' are predicting then DD will just become ever more valuable. i think so many of you are forgetting that the area has been drilled and it is mineralised - not great but economical. this is a simple fact - it has been drilled. dont also forget that technology has changed (not too much but some) and gold and u mining may have had cost saving advances. the current resource boom is pumping money into this industry. a peanuts point but maybe valid.

    now to management ... only recently have i found out the extent of mr waller's activites. it concerns me what has happened with cci and neo. his involvement in pantheon is encouraging re an AIM listing which outcomes i dont need to talk about. trevor gillard and CCIC having been involved in cci too. it seems that this group have a long history together. there is just many negatives on this front that are really sad ... we knew this before but the last drill results really shook the crowd and have really focused sentiment on management ... maybe they are not as bad as the picture HC is painting ... i dont think so. but their history speaks for itself. everyone deserves a second chance ... but with our money and clearly not theirs?

    if you think about it the best time to bring the placement out was after the sp fall. maximise damages! i actually think that giving 75 million free options was smart (though honestly i have no idea). that is only $750,000 at todays prices. if exercised it will bring in 3.75 million, and at the same time they get 2 million odd to drill for the next 6-12 months. dilution - yes - end result a producing mine? - well come on - its pretty clear which one we want. amount of shares can be changed in blink of an eye in a 10 or 20 to 1 etc - market cap will remain the same. many on hotcopper dont think from the company's perspective. you need to do this in order to understand their moves. shareholders are often (prob always) not even close to their major focus. the little fish on HC will have no impact on elections.

    the price will drift for sure. will hit new lows. but who is buying on the way down - many stupid people? or a few smart ones. certainly none of you are buying hey. many on hotcopper have written intelligent analysis on this stock. but many also write discernably illogical statements that are just sad ... you know who you are - why?

    i am concerned about AEGIS and would like to know who they are - filtering back to etrade brokers or bell's? well whoever it is someone is funding aex with the goal of getting a resource measured and becoming a producer - we at least know where the raised money is going - what the shareowners do is their business - we are all big boys and girls. i would like to see directors buy some stock if they want to write things such as 'extremely encouraging' in their announcements then they should lay $50k on the line and give us a 3B. public relations needs work - but they dont have a definite JORC yet - so this will come if/when the JORC is upgraded. i will await the 3d model estimation of the resource that has been promised and i am sure is being worked on, slowly but surely. the recent sp dive - well the pumpers who pumped it also dumped it - crystal clear. the trick is to not get sucked in. 'greed is good' is in the movies - making money on the stock market is a lot harder than we think.

    there are lots of pros and cons to aex, lots of holes but lots of clear evidence too. i am not trying to talk anyone into anything, mainly myself! aex if anything will make us stronger and provide experience that should only benefit. such is the risk, joy and thrill of spec investing. may the best, sharpest and fastest win. aex - market psychology at its best.
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