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    I will be reducing my carbon foot print by installing solar , alot of my freinds have done the same , meaning that this is less strain on the grid during the day.

    That means reduced CO2 emissions.

    More people will be headed down this track when they see the costs benefits.

    The next step technology wise is finding more efficent ways to store the power so it can also be used at night.

    The carbon tax will help accelerate investment in this area.

    The company I work for is in the top 500 and we have been looking at ways of reducing our emission for years , the board was just waiting for a price so they can work out where to get the best bang for their buck.
    The company will be reducing its emissions.

    I can see that the price on carbon is having a direct influence in reducing emission already and it hasn't even become law yet.

    Bravo to our brave government who have put the future of the nation before its own popularity. This will cost them government in two years time,but its not about winning votes its about doing the right thing for the nation and the planet.
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