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wins usa pallet case

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    Brambles gains favourable decision on pallets
    11:22, Monday, 18 August 2003

    Sydney - Monday - August 18: (RWE) - Brambles reports a
    favourable decision has been handed down in the case involving Buckeye
    Diamond Logistics and CHEP USA.
    This decision reaffirms that CHEP retains ownership of pallets
    that come into the possession of pallet recyclers, which is an
    important legal principle in the integrity of the CHEP pallet pool model
    in the USA.
    The courts decision stated:
    The evidence demonstrates without question that CHEP has at all
    times retained ownership in its pallets and that the facts conclusively
    [demonstrate] that CHEP has not given up its right of ownership to those
    CHEP pallets that are subject of this litigation.
    Although this decision may be appealed, CHEP remains confident
    of successfully defending ny such action.
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