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    In line with its strategic growth plans in the UK, Diagnostic
    services company MIA Group Limited ("MIA") today announced that
    Lodestone Patient Care Ltd, ("MIA Lodestone") its United Kingdom
    subsidiary, was successful in winning the tender to provide Magnetic
    Resonance Imaging services to the Stepping Hill Hospital for the
    Stockport NHS Trust, in the densely populated Manchester area.

    This tender is a part of the general move in the UK that enables
    private sector Diagnostic Imaging and Pathology providers to
    participate in the public sector. MIA Lodestone is currently involved
    in other tenders and is well positioned to take advantage of future
    opportunities in a diagnostic services market, recently fuelled by
    a Government commitment of an additional GBP19 billion to the NHS,
    over 5 years.

    The Stockport facility will service a local population of 350,000,
    with 22 million people living within a 2-hour range, and further
    enhances MIA Lodestone's geographical coverage. The company currently
    already operates 14 MRI scanners at NHS hospital sites across the UK.

    The agreement with Stepping Hill, a large district general hospital,
    covers a 15-year exclusive service arrangement, with a 25-year
    property lease. The service will be operational from August 2003
    following building works and equipment installation. Interest in the
    tender had been exceptionally strong, with a number of parties
    attracted by the hospital's key location and the tender's
    significance in the context of the NHS restructure.

    Walter Kmet, CEO of MIA Lodestone, indicated that the tender win
    signalled that MIA Lodestone understood the specific needs of the
    UK health environment and were in a position to offer a high quality
    solution in a competitive manner. "MIA Lodestone's approach in the UK
    has been to develop an understanding of the sector and build on its
    reputation for excellence," Mr Kmet said.

    "NHS hospitals want to have access to leading technology and quality
    patient care within a set budget. MIA can offer those qualities by
    drawing upon the experience of its team. The combination of leading
    technology, quality patient care and experience puts MIA Lodestone in
    a good position to play a significant role in improving access and
    service delivery to the general public, the key objective of the NHS
    restructure," Mr Kmet concluded.

    Dr Peter Macintosh, CEO of MIA Group Limited stated, "The progress
    MIA has made in the UK in winning this NHS business demonstrates that
    the group's strategic decision to expand abroad was well researched
    and timely. The multitude of companies looking at the opportunities
    created by the NHS restructure is an indication of the potential in
    that market. The key to translating that potential into revenue
    growth is winning the right tenders. Stepping Hill is one of those
    tenders and we see it as a confirmation of our leadership position,
    both in terms of service quality and cost-efficient management."

    For more information, please contact:

    Chris Ericksen
    (03) 9804 6124

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