Windsor can spot a fraud

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    Apparently a letter from State Nat MP Marshall was sent out before acceptances had been declared.
    Windsor wants it referred to the AFP.
    Unconfirmed rumours are that he also wants the Mediscare texts referred, but that's only a rumour.

    "Mr Joyce's office has sought to distance him from the letter. "It wasn't sent with Mr Joyce's knowledge and it didn't come from his office," said a spokesman.
    But Mr Joyce's opponent, Tony Windsor, believes the letter will be referred to the Australian Federal Police for investigation as a "fraudulent document".
    Supporters of Mr Windsor have pointed out that the PO Box address in Tamworth used on the Marshall letter is the same address once used by Mr Joyce when he campaigned to win New England in 2013.
    Mr Marshall uses a PO Box in Armidale as his contact address.
    Mr Windsor said: "I'm not a lawyer but people who are have said that's a fraudulent document. I have no doubt someone will refer it to the AFP."
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