windows is one sick puppy ...

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    Hmmm ... been doing some light reading ( in preparation for what is now the inevitable SP2 animal for all XP/XP Pro licencees ... April 2005 is the deadline apparently.

    Our XP Pro is now nearly 3 years old and still standing as original EOM (second HD ... backup C:/Shares on old HD) but is getting ratty ... also thanks to Norton firewall/av which I have worked out contributes to some probs.

    The subject of SP2 invariably leads one to bigger questions and in particular just how sick Windows (whatever the incarnation) really is and that most pc's worldwide running Windows (about 400million) are completely spyware/malware ridden.

    According to one Microsoft Community Newsgroups ( MPV(Most Valuable Professional), over 5 million lines off code have been re-written in the SP2 service pack ... wow, stone the crows, Marge !!!

    And the word on the street is that SP2 is more the evidence that Windows really is one sick puppy. MS have been 'deathly silent' over the release of SP2 and the reason is that there is little in the way of enhancements for XP users ... the size of SP2 (requires over 1.8Gb of HDD) is merely testament to the sheer size of the problems, most of which are security related.

    No wonder MSFT is a dog stock today ... forget that Gates is a sociopath intent on ruling the world.

    SP2 has cost Microsoft $billions which has been the number one project over the last couple of years for MS and is to be delivered 'free of charge' to around 120million XP licensees worldwide.

    If Windows was a secure stand alone OS platform then today we would be stumping up $$$ for the next generation Longhorn which was due out about now but was deferred to the critical nature of security issues in XP.

    Microsoft also missed the mark and was trumped firstly by Google and more recently by Firefox. Even the long awaited WFS (Avalon and replacement for NTFS) has been relegated to next generation Blackcomb which is thought to have a release date in 2010 ...

    Struth Marge ... I could be dead by then !!!

    Cheers ... tight stops.

    This is only my view ... read the red stuff.
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