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    thought I would post this before going for a walk to invest on Adelaide dog 9 quartet jackpot (in WA)

    2 + 3 One Ounce Gold Coins
    For the Accurate Style and Forecast of the US Dollar Market Over the next 90 Days

    With the expressed permission of custom chart maker John Carder, CMT of Topline Investment Graphics, a supplier of custom charts to portfolio managers, newsletter editors, and investors (see: I am posting two charts his company prepared for me of the long-term USDX.

    The USDX, long bonds and gold are the central sun around which the investment and trading universe revolve. That being the case, I am proposing an exercise limited to non-professional readers only of www.

    I will award two one-ounce gold coins of his/her preference to the Gold Community member that produces the best interpretation from the following charts of the potential for the USDX over the next 90 days.

    At the end of that three month period, another award will be given, this time three one-ounce gold bullion coins of your preference, to the non-professional Gold Community member who - regardless of style - predicts most accurately the action of the USDX market and the final outcome within the next 90 days.

    The first award will be heavily weighted on style while the second will be more dependent on the price outcome of the analysis. Nonetheless, it must adhere to some recognized Technical Analytical form.

    The awards will be financed by me personally for achievement.

    The purpose of this contest is to motivate you to learn and also to apply what you have learned.

    Good luck!
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