will this october be different?

  1. pj
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    Just been looking at the ASX XAO chart for 1988 - 2003


    "H" = higher in SEPT/OCT than mid year and
    "HH" = much higher
    "E" = about the same and
    "L" = lower
    "LL" = much lower
    we get, sequentially from 1988

    E, HH, LL, H, LL, H, E, E, E, L, L, L, L, LL, LL,

    In each of the previous "H" or "HH" years there was a significant market low in the preceding Dec to April period as there was this year in March.

    So could it be the run of L's is about to end??


    ps I plead guilty to scouring the boards on June 30 for a suitable tax loss situation and with my last $5000 available cash bought 150000 HRZ at 0.031 - 0.033c!!!

    Yikes, having missed 9.8c in the preopen because the darn system wouldn't let me put them on, and then watching them drift to 8.5 before I went to work the next day, I've still got them, I am just hopeless at selling into a falling price - could this still be a total write off on Monday or will this AGL sale go ahead, the Vic government seems behind it. Someone bought nearly a million at close on Friday at 9c. Any opinions?

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