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    Carls and laster1, dont know why the first msg was rejected. just posted up part of the qtrly which was released. was going to ask what people thought of it. up to 69c this morning i notice. must have been received well i guess. will try again:

    Further reconnaissance in the north-west area of the Dairi Contract of Work has resulted in fresh discoveries at the Sinar Pagi locality where several epigenetic lead zinc-silver occurrences have been noted in the past. Bouldery float samples have yielded values of 26.9% Pb / 497g/t Ag up to 61.2% Pb / 1290g/t Ag (3 samples) on the one inferred NW –SE trending vein up to 5m width and 200m strike. Other samples on a separate structure have yielded up to 58.7% Pb and 457g/t Ag. A soil sample of 11.5% Zn + 7210ppm Pb + 15g/t Ag was obtained nearby.

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