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will they pump again? i think so

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    bad news we are sitting at .017 so now its going to take some patience while we feel a little stuck lol

    Good news the buyer from UBS who bought 4.1mil last friday has picked up another 1mil today either the guy is stupid & is going to expieriece a great loss lol or there in the know of something to be released in the short term ill bet on they know something, as I said earlier this morning one of the directors is flying off overseas tomorrow to finalise a drilling schedule may also be for other reasons im sure we will find out in all good time

    End results im sure were going to see another pump up to .02 again, so no real need to take a loss a little patience should get your money back, if your in desperation for the money then sell if not may as well hold & wait for another pump to exit
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