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will they find a big one at last?

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    I have noticed some controlled buying in AKD over the past week and this is probably the reason...announcement just out;

    RE: De Beers Drilling Rig On Site – Seppelt Range Diamond Project
    Joint venture partner, De Beers, has mobilised a diamond drilling rig to AKD’s Seppelt
    Range diamond tenement, E80/1590, located approximately 20km to the east of the
    Seppelt group of kimberlites which are held by Striker Resources in the Northern
    Kimberley province of Western Australia.
    De Beers has indicated that it plans to drill up to 8 geophysical targets (3 magnetic and
    5 EM anomalies) subject to geological ground investigation which has commenced
    today. Those anomalies deemed to be possible kimberlite intrusives will be drilled.
    The current joint venture on E80/1590 is between AKD, De Beers and Striker whereby
    De Beers have the right to earn a 50.1% interest.
    Earlier this year, De Beers reported that there was strong evidence that proximal
    kimberlitic sources, responsible for the release of numerous kimberlitic indicator mineral
    grains, were contained within AKD’s exploration licence 80/1590. Of 91 stream
    sediment samples collected by De Beers, 22 were positive containing a total of 6 pyrope
    garnets, 65 picroilmenites, 539 chromites and 1 diamond.
    Yours faithfully,
    Z A Sas
    Managing Director

    Dave R.
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