Will there be an apology to Bolt?

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    The fact that Bolt breached S 18c  is well known and he has been stigmatised for it since. His "crime" was to question the "Aboriginality" of an individual or something similar. Now Clyde Mansell is saying the same. From The Oz:

    TASMANIA’S Aboriginal Land Council wants to make it tougher for people to claim Aboriginality, warning that established indigenous groups may soon be overrun by “wannabe” and “tick-a-box” Aborigines.
    The Australian has obtained a copy of an incendiary discussion paper by Clyde Mansell, the chairman of the Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania, which urges indigenous groups to push for a tougher approach to accepting people as Aboriginal. “Every day we encounter the impacts of people claiming to be Aboriginal; there’s so many tick-a-box and wannabe people out there,” he says in the document,Discussion paper on the determination of Aboriginality.
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