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will MNS outwit SYR?

  1. DSD
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    2 years ago SYR held all the G cards. I've bought and sold a couple of times (as posted) and done ok. Currently hold SYR and have strong faith in quality and size of their high grade G deposit which exposes to the surface, has plenty access to water, roads and harbour. So SYR looks the goods.

    Thing is, SYR continually delays the release of their DFS. it's an ongoing saga and I've said as much on SYR threads. But the continuing delay by SYR could play into MNS hands. Each month the DFS fails to eventuate is one month closer to MNS releasing theirs. Without doubt both companies will need to raise capital for plant. But sense that past 2 yrs has allowed MNS to gain ground, while SYR has moved slowly fwds. I've often suggested reasons why SYR has been so slow, but so far company has not been forthcoming to shareholders.

    The SYR DFS is due before end of Feb preferably sooner. If they delay/postpone yet again (making it about 5x) then MNS will use this to blow their own trumpet to everyone between Tanzania and China. i'm sure i'll hear it sitting here in seapoint. G mkt is set to grow massively over next 10 yrs and new mines are needed. First to have a (finished) quality product on offer will have substantial advantage.

    Is it conceivable MNS can pinch SYR's advantage?
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