WEZ westonia mines limited

will it run today.......

  1. Jim
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    The market is a strange place sometimes!

    Gold up $9 to a historically high level, wez announces 5m at 50 g/t, 5m at 39 g/t and 13m at 16.9 g/t

    and it hardly moves!

    This reminds me of when adu announced its incredible grades a couple of months ago. It took the market about two weeks to click.

    The interesting point with wez is that it is at an advanced stage and is very near production. At this stage any delays are more likely to be caused by discovering too much gold, and having to incorporate that into the mining plan as well.

    Euroz had a valuation of $0.56 per share, but this was at lower gold prices and before the new deep drilling initiative was factored in, plus the recent discovery of nickel credits as well.

    Be interesting to see what happens today
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