OPM optum health limited

will it be the next big mover?

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    This company based on its product MEPi System which treats water could be the next big gainer.Technologies that can lower the cost of desalinating seawater and can economically and efficiently clean, purify and sanitise waste and industrial waters for recycling and reuse should do well.The MEP Marisan system meets and exceeds all of the above according to report dated 03/09/03 page 20 section 5 titled COMPANY OVERVIEW.I sugest if you are interested in looking at a high risk high return play this could be one to research.I am sold on it because water is so precious that govt and and companies will need to look at these factors,and l believe if companies such as opm have the technology to clean and recycle water it will be and is big business.The product is already selling in the U.S,and it is only a matter of time before it sells in the Australasian regions.Do your research and if sold on it go for it ,it might just produce some good returns.good luck.
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