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Hi Spacepee, Agree.Thanks to NSX closing price at 26.5 cents...

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    Hi Spacepee,


    Thanks to NSX closing price at 26.5 cents yesterday, ISX investment has made more than 7 Million dollars in capital appreciation based on 49449033 shares owned from $6,020,000 investment.

    According to ISX records:

    05/3/2020:$4,200,000.00 289,655,517 shares @14.5 cents

    27/5/2020:$1,500,000.00 16,483,516 shares @ 9.1 cents

    6/8/2020: $320,000.00 4,000,000 shares @ 8.0cents

    Total Amount $6,020,000.00 49,449,033 shares (Average price of 12.1741cents a share)

    Gain on NSX investment based on closing price of 26.5 cents = 14.33 cents/share or
    $13,103,993 - $6,020,000 = $7,083,993

    Due to the written down figure of $1,609,587 (and shown as expenses in ISX Half year accounts 30/06/2020) from a 5.7 Million invested in NSX to show a final amount of $4,090,413 (See Note 10), an improvement of $9,013,580 would be recorded in the ISX accounts as gain in Investment in Associate (or revenue) to reflect the current value of $13,102,993.

    (Depending on NSX future closing share price at31/12/2020, the above/current gain may increase or decrease)

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