Will IPCC have to answer to US Nat. Academies?

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    The US National Academies aims to shift thinking about scientific misconduct away from corrupt individuals operating in a vacuum and toward researchers working within a flawed system, in a forthcoming report. The document, more than two years in the making, will offer recommendations to promote research integrity and curb scientific misconduct. It will update an earlier 1992 National Academies report on the topic.
    Expected to be completed soon and released this summer, the imminent report was discussed during a session at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s meeting in San Jose, California on 13 February.
    The panel drafting the report is considering issues such as the availability of basic data, complete methodologies and software codes, so as to enable the replication of research findings.
    The National Academies committee is considering expanding the definition of research misconduct, and taking into account the responsibilities of not only researchers, but research sponsors, institutions, scientific journals and professional societies.

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