PEM 0.00% 35.0¢ perilya limited

will head to pe 5 to 6 v soon

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    I have full confidence that when more and more ppl see that PEM will make more than 100 cents per share or more (due to zinc going higher still), the prospective P/E will move from 4 to 5 or 6 until resource/reserves are increased.

    At P/E 6 , we're looking at $6.00; EPS of 100cps based on zinc price of $1.85US and includes the little bit of hedging they have. If it wasnt for hedging and using net profit margin of 30%, the EPS is higher than 100cps!

    theres plenty of upside here if zinc hits $2 and stays there for a bit

    EPS figure doesnt incl future projects (copper)

    I cant believe a company with this mkt cap has $168 million in the bank!

    its mind-boggling and it MUST go higher to at least prospective P/E 5 or 6!

    Like FED-EX said, - theyre making as much EPS as JBM and they have more cash in bank than any of the small-midcaps!

    this stock has been notoriously range traded b4 between $2.25-$3.00 until recently, and I hope the traders dont get the best of it again when it settles into a new trading range

    already 2 day you can see the CFD traders messing with it trading it down to $2.98, but I think the fundamentals won out in the end with it closing at a new all time high as more and more retail investors discover this undervalued gem

    having a mention in y'dasy AFR and also late last week didnt do any harm to spread the gospel

    fundamentals are great;

    its in the right sector at the right time

    I dont see much downside risk with low P/E and with zinc eventually hitting $2US and LME stockpiles heading to sub 100,000 in the next few weeks!
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Currently unlisted public company.

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