Will HD Truck manufacturing be next to die?

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    At present we have only 3 remaining Truck manufacturers in Aus:

    To be exact, these are now more Truck Assemblers than Truck manufacturers because, over time,
    and increasing amount of components is imported, not manufactured in Aus. This happened to
    our car manufacturing before its closure in 2017-18 too.

    Australia lost an array of manufacturers since the 1970s
    Western Star
    -Mercedes Benz
    To mention a few.

    The japs began at the bottom with smaller trucks & commercials and gradually displaced the bottom end of the big truck manufacturers.
    In the 1970s the japs made a leap of faith into the heavy end of the market via Fuso & Nissan-UD which had monumental problems
    culminating in Fuso exiting the Aus market for 4 years and then re-entering under the Mitsubishi Brand. This was reversed to Fuso
    about a decade ago when the memories of the 1970s had long faded.

    The Japanese HD truck issues then were overheating (v8s) inadequate gearing and clunky 2 speed diffs (4x2 were popular then because of road tax) Eventually both Nissan UD & Fuso/Mitsubishi withdrew their V8s and concentrated on going up the HP scale with bigger straight 6s.
    Today they dominate the mid range truck market in this category and they are encroaching on the top end of the market with more
    powerful 6x4s & 8x4s.

    While Volvo-Mack & KW-DAF hold substantial market shares of the HD truck market , there are storm clouds looming on the horizon, IMO:
    -There is a reasonable probability that the US dollar will drop n value making US Trucks even more competitive here.
    (Mercedes Benz inports a model mix of its US manufactured HD trucks including Freightliner & Western Star)
    -MAN has bought Scania strengthening its model offering and it has recently won the ADF contract for specialist HD trucks
    -Hyundai has just introduced its HD truck range to Aus and, IMO, the Koreans could do a "Korean Car" job on our truck manufacturing
    -An increasing number of Western Truck manufacturers are now manufacturing in China and due to the economics and scale of Chinese
    manufacture we re likely to see Chinese Mercedes Benz, Volvo, UD Scania-Mans sooner than later like we get Chinese made Apple products
    with Harley Davidson & Tesla to come. (American but made in China)

    IMO, in order to protect & grow Aussie manufacturing we need completely rethink why we are failing. Increasing hi-tech-automation
    in manufacturing is minimising the disadvantage of relatively high labour costs which was the mantra of the Right ..blame the workers!

    IMO, the Government needs to lead the way because
    "our truck manufacturers" are all foreign owned and they'll follow profit before any allegience to Aus.

    While introducing B Doubles/B Tripples in the 90s/2000s may have temporarily bailed out local local HD truck manufacture (assembly)
    it has now reached its used by date as a protectionist measure, IMO.

    Furthermore , we have FTAs with the USA, Japan, Korea & China which rule out protection tariffs.

    And the solution is?
    I have proposed a solution previously but I have been pummelled on the threads for doing so.
    So instead, you tell me..eh?


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