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will cvi be the next cudeco play

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    Cheers from China (in Spanish "champagne")!
    Great day for all Top 20 holders :) Cheers!
    Very impressed with the new CVI presentation
    20c.. Just wondering, will this be the next CDU
    (which was going from about 10c to $10 in aprox 3 weeks?)
    At what level would you sell? 20c, 30c...
    Did anybody here experience this fantastic run?
    What is the CVI market cap now - similar to MON?
    Personally I will not sell for < $1 / share.
    Imo CVI could well be a once in a lifetime opportunity.
    So much potential, dynamic and proactive management team..

    I will not be attending the AGM on Monday (work to do),
    however, I would love to attend a $1 party in Luanda
    to meet you all :)

    Cheers to all CVI longs (and especially T4P)!
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