Will Bill Barr square up. Democrat's big mouths will cost them, page-10

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    You do know that article is pandering only to those higher up on the psychotic spectrum, pretty cold stuff really far from the mid-line. I am often bewildered that so called journalists (print activists) dont just feel defeated and disgraced..demoralised because I see it as if they must be forced to write such stuff if to hold their positions......but really it probably isn't true it is actually the way they see people and the world.

    One study done her in Oz on MSM Journalists found a decrease in cognitive executive activity in the frontal lobes of the journalists studied...this makes sense, every time I read a pandering to collectivist ideological beliefs birds of a feather article I think of that study as the reasoning....as it is the only human explanation as to why such acting out exists.

    Just poor work is another way of putting it I suppose...oh and the use the word moral which I always think is funny given they will not own the native tenet to comprehend such anyway.
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